What do I need to know about buying a used forklift?


The easy answer to that is heaps. The best solution is to contact us and use our expertise to solve your materials handling problem. 

A few tips:

1.  Know the maximum weight which you need to lift.

2.  Know the maximum height you want to lift to.

3.  Do you want a ride on forklift (licenced driver required) or do you want a walk behind forklift (no licence)

4.  What is the floor surface like.

5.  Are there any low doors, mezanine floors or any other obsticles you need to negotiate.

6.  Do you have any ramps or gradients.

7.  What is the main usage ie loading/unloading trucks, containers or just operating in pallet racking.

8.  Sizes of the loads.

9.  What area do you have to manoeuvre.

10. Have a buget in mind, you only get what you pay for, a cheap second hand forklift cost money.


There are many other considerations in establishing the correct forklift for your application, we have decades of experience, pick our brains.