Walkie Reach Trucks

A walkie reach truck is the most versatile of all pedestrian forklifts. It has the manoeuvrability of a stacker and the flexibility of a counterbalance forklift. They come with a powered reach mechanism that reaches out side of the legs (straddles) and provides unobstructed access to the load.


The reach mechanism also allows the unloading and loading of trucks from one side. Walkie reach trucks come as standard with power tilt and some are available with side shift. Capacities are up to 1800kg at reach and lift heights available are up to 5300mm.


Pedestrian reach trucks are sometimes available in All Directional models, this allows the forklift to travel in a sideways direction as well as forward and reverse, this is useful when handling long loads.

Crown Model Numbers

  • 25WRTL102
  • 25WRTL126
  • 25WRTL150
  • 25WRTF102
  • 25WRTF126
  • 25WRTF150
  • 30WRTL102
  • 30WRTL126
  • 30WRTL150
  • 30WRTL168
  • 30WRTL174
  • 30WRTL192
  • 30WRTF102
  • 30WRTF126
  • 30WRTF150
  • 30WRTF168
  • 30WRTF174
  • 30WRTF192
  • 40WRTL106
  • 40WRTL126
  • 40WRTL150
  • 40WRTF106
  • 40WRTF126
  • 40WRTF150
  • 40WRTL168
  • 40WRTF168
  • 30WRTT152
  • 30WRTT168
  • 30WRTT174
  • 30WRTT192
  • 30WRTT210
  • 40WRTT152
  • 40WRTT174
  • 40WRTT192
  • 40WBTT210
  • 40WBTT210
  • 30WRTT192AD
  • 30WRTT210AD