Ride On Counterbalance

Ride on counterbalance forklifts come in either battery electric or internal combustion, internal combustion being mainly used in an outdoor environment whilst battery electric can be used in either indoor or outdoor environments. The battery electric models are available in either stand up or sit down versions, three wheel or four wheel versions.


The style best suited for you is dependent on your application. One of our materials handling experts will be able to advise you on the best option, but briefly, four wheel models usually have more lifting capacity, three wheel models are more manoeuvrable.


Stand up models are even more manoeuvrable than the three wheel models. All ride on forklift do require the driver to hold a current forklift driving licence.

Crown Model Numbers

  • 30RCTL154
  • 30RCTL192
  • 30RCTT190
  • 30RCTT192
  • 30RCTT210
  • 30RCTT240
  • 30SCTT190
  • 30SCTT192
  • 30SCTT226
  • 30SCTT240
  • 30SCTT270
  • 35SCTT190
  • 35SCTT192
  • 35SCTT226
  • 35SCTT240
  • 35SCTT270
  • 50FCTT226
  • 50FCTT240
  • 50FCTT276
  • 50FCTT300
  • 50FPTT226
  • 50FPTT240
  • 50FPTT276
  • 50FPTT300