Ride On Reach Trucks

Ride on reach trucks are designed to maximise the warehouse capacity, by minimising the operating aisle required to place a pallet into pallet racking. They have either a pantograph or moving mast reach mechanism, allowing the pallet or load to be transported over the straddle legs, reducing the load plus forklift length, hence reducing the operating aisle.


The pallet can then be reached out placing the pallet into the racking, eliminating the need for the straddle legs to enter the racking. Also available are Double Reach Trucks. A Double Reach Truck is only available in a pantograph form, it is purpose built to reach through the first row of racking and deposit or retrieve a pallet from a rack behind.


Reach trucks also come in either stand up or sit down. For the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of reach trucks, please contact us

Crown Model Numbers

  • 35RRTT198
  • 35RRTT210
  • 35RRTT240
  • 35RRTT270
  • 45RRTT240
  • 45RRTT270
  • 45RRTT300
  • 45RRTT321
  • 30RDTT240
  • 30RDTT270
  • 30RDTT300
  • 30RDTT321