Stock Pickers

Stockpickers are a man up operation and used to retrieve and replenish stock from high pallet racking. Orders can be picked and deposited either onto a pallet or mobile trolleys.


There are a number of regulations regarding the operation of man up stockpickers within particular applications, these can include body harnesses, guide wheels, racking configuration and certain functions on the equipment. Our materials handling experts are able to walk you through these regulations and advise you accordingly.


A simple solution to order picking is to restrict the picking levels to the lower racking and utilise an electric pallet truck with a low level picking step. This will allow picking from the floor and second pallet level with little or no regulations or licences.

Crown Model Numbers

  • 30SP36TL154
  • 30SP36TL192
  • 30SP36TL210
  • 30SP36TT210
  • 30SP36TT240
  • 30SP36TT270
  • 30SP42TT270
  • 30SP42TT300
  • 30SP42TT321
  • 30SP48TT321
  • 30SP48TT360
  • 15SP48TT270
  • 60PC2748
  • 60PC2784